The CPAP clinic provides individuals the opportunity to meet with a certified sleep specialist. This program is specifically designed to provide education, support and management of your sleep apnea. During these appointments you will receive:

  • CPAP device and mask education
  • Sleep simulated mask fitting
  • Analysis of your CPAP compliance and efficacy data
  • Progress reports routinely faxed to your physician

If you are having or have had difficulty tolerating CPAP this is the program for you. Our CPAP compliance rate is about 90% compared to the national average of 40-50%.

Currently, there are lots of different CPAP masks and devices available. Generally, there are three categories of masks: 1) Nasal Pillows, 2) Nasal and 3) Full Face. The type of mask used largely depends on an individualís breathing style, facial structure and the overall comfort. Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) devices consist of 1) CPAP, 2) Auto-CPAP, 3) Bi-level and 4) Adaptive Servo-Ventilation (ASV). A sleep center will determine the type of device prescribed. However, it is import to realize that within each device category there are multiple models with different capabilities and features, which will effect compliance and efficacy.