ResMed Mirage Quattro Fx Review

by Adam

With much anticipation ResMed’s new full face mask, the Mirage Quattro Fx, has arrived. Much like Respironics’ Full Life full face mask, the Quattro Fx doesn’t have a forehead pad like conventional full face style masks which results in a much slimmer profile.

We sought out to answer these two questions with regards to the Quattro Fx:

1. Will the Quattro Fx be able to seal around the nose without a forehead pad thereby preventing air leaks into the eyes?

2. Will the Quattro Fx be able to prevent the tenderness and occasional abrasions on the bridge of the nose as commonly seen with conventional full face masks?

We’ve been testing this mask on individuals for the last 3 weeks with extremely positive results. Unlike Respironics Full Life mask, which has difficultly keeping a seal around the bridge of the nose, the Quattro Fx tends to seal almost effortlessly around the nose resulting in no air leaks into the eyes. The only case we’ve run into with this mask not sealing around the nose is on individuals who have an extremely small bridge on their nose otherwise it has worked perfectly for those with normal to large bridged noses.

Individuals with large bridged noses always pose a problem when trying to select a full face mask. Even with our specialized mask fitting clinic we still have clients who struggle with pressure points on the bridge of the their nose even after we’ve tried every mask on the market! Therefore, upon arrival of the Quattro Fx we called all our clients who have struggled with this problem and had them come in for a mask fitting with the new Quattro Fx. We are happy to report that after 3 weeks of use with the Quattro Fx all of these clients are jumping up with joy. They report no longer having to put pads and band aides on their noses and the irritation on the bridge of noses has completely resolved. Needless to say…Success!

So the short is Yes and Yes to the aforementioned questions. Furthermore, I strongly believe that this mask is going to revolutionize the full face mask market and frankly see no reason why anyone shouldn’t stop by our office and try it out. It will either fit or it won’t, but if it fits your facial features you will never go back.

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